This page will show you how to be safe in the kitchen. Take the quiz, and read the rules if you need to improve.


- Never use a sharp knife, the oven or microwave without an adult in the kitchen.

- Always dry your hands after washing so your fingers won't be slippery.

- Wipe up spills right away so no one slips.

- If you have to use a knife to slice or cut ingredients, always use a cutting board.

- Always use potholders when making hot dishes so you don't get burned.

- Lift lids away from you and keep your face away from steam.

- Put large pans on big burners and small pans on small burners. Don't let the handles to stick out over the edge of the stove or another burner.

- Ask an adult to lift heavy items and help you pour out hot water from heavy pots - like when you're cooking pasta.

- Put hot dishes, pots and pans on surfaces like the stovetop or a hot pad that won't be ruined by heat.

- Never put foil or metal in the microwave. Use only microwave-safe containers to heat food in the microwave. Ask an adult if you're not sure if it's a safe container.